tá sé amháin aisling

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If I tell you the idea of my fiancé going into the military freaks me out because I fear he will get deployed and not come back, and you laugh it off, imply I am wrong and that the military is the greatest thing ever, I will literally have to fight the urge to beat the shit out of you. My fear is fucking valid.



Welp guess who should have just stayed in Nebraska!!!

Yes, the answer is me!!!

So this week I saw Ramell and Tayler and their baby Serenity, Natalie, Haley, Ale, and most importantly Bettendorf, making all the exhaustion and stress worth it. Especially Bettendorf, always.

Today is the worst fucking day of my entire life.

Just bash my face in with a blunt object, that would feel better than this.


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